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 Advantages of E – therapy

Why Online Counselling?

Communication has changed dramatically in recent years and many people now use the internet as the central role in their contact with friends, family, work colleagues and services. It is now common for a person to make new friends and engage in discussions with people they have never physically met and likely never will.

This social side to the web has been very successful and is almost the expected way to do business. As such, online counselling can be highly beneficial as it is performed in an environment and using tools that a person is used to.

Although it is fair to say that there is still no finer way of finding help for your difficulties than face-to-face consultation with a skilled therapist/counsellor, there are actually several advantages to E-therapy:

  • You can feel more at ease in your office or home than in a consulting room; you are not concerned about speaking or seeing your counsellor.
  • You can take more time to think about what you want to tell us
  • There is no schedule to keep to, no penalties for missed appointments
  • Less embarrassment when discussing personal matters
  • Easier to finish therapy when you want to
  • No need to arrange sessions in advance; When working by email, you can choose your own time of day to communicate
  • You find it easier expressing yourself using the written word rather than speaking.
  • You are at ease with a keyboard, but feel you are not a fast typist.
  • You do not want people to hear what you are saying.
  • You do not have access to a microphone or webcam.
  • You do not have broadband internet access

Add to this the fact that all our therapists are carefully selected and you can see how easy it can be to find safe and effective professional help for your problems.

There are three ways you can interact with us on the internet:

E – mail counselling    Chat counselling         video counselling


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